Tony H. Latham


Tony H. Latham

Building a teardop Trailer


"This is the book!!!! (should be called the "Bible") not just a teardrop book -but- also GREAT instructions on building a "real" frame (no 'HF' being spoken here!!) I have already bought 3/4 copy's after loosing a copy or 2... after they grew legs and walked out the door with a friend or 2. Great collection of idea's!"

"My wife and I are about 3/4 of the way through our teardrop build and just wish this book was published when we started!

If we were starting now, I think we'd adopt Tony's proven design.

This was his 4th teardrop build, and he discusses some of the improvements he's developed as he, his wife, and family camped in the previous three, and in a commercial teardrop."

Are you thinking about building a teardrop camper? Dreaming of hitting the road and heading to parts unknown? Are you ready to sleep in a cozy cabin on wheels and leave the flapping tent and hard ground behind?

Teardrops are towed behind small vehicles in rainstorms with winds that a forecaster would classify as a hurricane. Their wheels drop into bottomless asphalt chuckholes. They are seen on the backroads running over washboards and kicking up dust plumes that can be seen for a mile.

They shouldn't be built like a garden shed.

Within these 194 pages–including 221 photographs and diagrams–Latham goes into detail on how to build a teardrop camper that will last a lifetime. In Building a Teardrop Camper, Latham shows you how to build insulated walls with a classic curved profile. He shows you how to build a galley hatch and doors that are dry and dust-proof. In the chapter on the undercarriage, he describes everything from the size of the steel to what axle needs to go underneath it. Other chapters cover wiring, heating, solar systems, propane plumbing and how to create an efficient galley.

You will find all the details in this book needed to build a classy, comfortable, and durable teardrop camper.

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